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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inspiration: Helena

Meet Helena from my upcoming paranormal erotic romance, Gothic City Lights: Helena (coming q1 from Loose Id)

My muse is very visual. She's a feisty little sprite, but when she conjures the images of my heroes and heroines, I can see them plain as day in my head. But to show you is harder. They resemble aspects of people I've seen, often celebrities, but never just one. Anyway, I thought I'd share the inspirations for Helena, the heroine in my upcoming novel, Gothic City Lights: Helena...

Helena is a classic beauty. More elegant, than sexy. Confident and athletic, but feminine and glamorous too. As a warrior angel, she is a tom boy, but stays true to her girly side as well. The image I have of her is a mixture of a few celebs from yesteryear.

I can see her, a perfect blend of Jane Fonda as I remember her in the movie Barbarella, with Princess Grace Kelly.

Minus the big hair though. Then add a dash of Elizabeth Montgomery and a sprinkle of Bridget Bardot and you have Helena. I tried to find a single image that fits what I see in my head, but I couldn't.

But hey, when have muses been easy to control? *lol* Mine's untameable!

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