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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Depth Charge: Mercy Monroe release day!

Doesn't everyone enjoy a good release? ... Hehehe... book two in my Depth Charge series is now out...

Depth Charge: Mercy Monroe

When Rick corners the thief he's been hired to capture, she turns out to be a gorgeous sheila who puts his resolve to avoid women with agendas to the test. His brain screams for him to run, but the saboteur's fiery, uncompromising temper and unique beauty intrigue and excite him like never before.

Monroe Dawson has spent her entire adult life proving herself to the world. Her abusive father and emotionally cruel stepfather have made her swear off men in the military. But when she's captured by a sexy Australian ex-commando, the attraction is immediate and volcanic.

Monroe will do anything to save the near-extinct sea urchins that live in the wreckage Rick was hired to protect. Rick's duty comes first, but he can't help but be swayed by the American activist's case. Can he champion her cause and sort through this mess with his heart, his job, and his honor intact?