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Monday, January 23, 2012

20% off Helena

... no, not 20% off her clothes... she takes off more than that, but you'll have to read the story to find out how much! ... OK, I'll give you a spoiler... they ALL come off, but not so easily... but the book is 20% for the Nook, right now at Barnes & Noble...

here's an excerpt to tease you with...

Helena nearly forgot she was half naked on a stage with a bunch of lust-stricken people to entertain. Still, now she knew what he looked like. It was a two-song stint, and then she could begin the setup.

She twirled around, averting her eyes from his direction, and managed to remember to smile at those frothing at the mouth for her. The men arrayed before the stage disgusted her, and without even tapping her powers of emotional empathy, she could tell quite easily what they were thinking.

Drawing herself up tight against the pole, she readied herself for the pinnacle of this test. Sucking in a deep breath, she then reached behind her back, found the clasp to her bra, and unsnapped it. The music pounded, the crowd cheered, all waiting for this moment, and her blood was on fire. It terrified her—it excited her.

She whirled in place, the bra flew from her breasts, and the darkest brown eyes she had ever seen instantly ensnared her. Her mark had made his way right up to the edge of her stage and was two feet from her.

Their eyes locked, and the rest of the world fell away. Time slowed to a halt, and her heart leaped into her throat. His hand, already rising, moved in slow motion, tossing a five-dollar bill, but his mouth slowly dropped open. Her heart pounded so loudly she was sure everyone could hear it over the loud, booming music.

He was…savagely perfect. His deep, dark eyes smoldered with an exotic urge. Primal, sinful, but there was no evil intention. He stared at her, his hand outstretched, and the ventilation fans caught the bill and tugged it from his fingers. Drifting slowly, it fell toward the hardwood framing of the stage’s edge, where it landed.

Time resumed, and Helena managed to tear her gaze from his, shifting into another spin to turn away. Her breath came in deep, ragged gulps. What in the world was that?

Desire shot through her veins, demanding she turn around again. To swim once more in the sinful warmth of those chocolate pools. To lose herself in him. Why? She had never felt such need, such want. Why now? And a demon? No, it was terrible.

Too afraid to turn back around, she recalled every move Lilith had taught her that would appease the crowd yet allow her to face the pole. Sweeping her ass side to side and prancing slowly in place with the music seemed to please her audience, but was the demon still watching?

Would he like what he saw? Why did she care? Growling under her breath, she forced the vision of those eyes from her mind. Finish the song, then the next. Don’t make eye contact, she told herself.

The minutes seemed to pass like hours as she danced with the sensual grace she felt and never once looked to her demon fan. Her peripheral vision told her he was still standing at the rack, watching her.

She could feel the burn of his gaze. It caressed and teased her naked flesh everywhere, and she couldn’t help herself. Her body moved in rhythm to the beat, undulating, gyrating, and twisting erotically, knowing his dark gaze drank all of it hungrily. It was a strange pleasure to know.

The second song ended, and without a glance to the audience, including the onlooking demon, she snagged her bra off the floor and marched back into the dressing room. She realized then she hadn’t taken off her panties and was thankful.

There was the thin little punk rock dancer there, but Helena ignored her and went to the sink. Splashing cold water on her face helped, but she couldn’t banish the image of those eyes seeping across her naked body. That she’d enjoyed it.

She was here to kill this demon, and now everything had gone insane. She had lost her mind. All she could think about was how it would feel if it were his hands caressing her instead of his gaze. Blast, girl, get your head on straight, she thought.

The other dancer left, and Helena broke out her cell phone and called David.


“I made contact. He’s here now. Set up in the alley behind. I’ll lure him there.”

“Got it.”

She hung up, tossed the phone into her bag, and looked to the mirror. Her eyeliner had smeared a little from the splash of water, and she fixed it. Seduction was not her talent, but dressed like a slut, it shouldn’t be too hard. Demons had an appetite for sin. Just get him into the alley, and then it’ll all be over.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Diva-licious, half off at Amazon!

My naughty little contemporary erotic romance, is half off at Amazon and B&N... get it while you can!

More exciting pricing news...

Lilith, Gothic City Lights, book one is on sale at Barnes & Noble and Amazon for 20% off.. perfect timing with Helena, book two out now!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Its Release Day!! Book Two in my angel/demon war saga, Gothic City Lights: Helena is out... book one was the story of Lilith, a half-succubus, who falls in love with Gabriel, leader of an angel hit team... Book two features Helena, a member of Gabriel's squad, who must disguise herself as a stripper to infiltrate the underground club where Demon's often lurk... hunting the same demon, her mission collides with the savage, walking scar tissue, Antonio, the human demon hunter... check it out now!!!