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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dark is the Review

 I generally don't make any noise about bad reviews. I take them seriously and as constructive criticism, but sometimes they make me laugh. Poking fun of people is not my thing, but I was poking around the net and found a review at iTunes for Dark is the Night. I need to remember I have books there! With 69 ratings and it's holding a 4 star, that's pretty good.

**** spoiler alert ****

Anyway, so there is a 1 star review there and it seems the reader's rejection of the book did not come until she got to the fifth or sixth sex scene in the book, nearly at the end, that takes place on an altar. There she drew the line. Apparently all the gratuitious and abundant sex and violence, plus sacriligious creatures such as vampires did not upset her religous beliefs... but oh, heaven forbid... sex on the altar was going too far?

Hehehe. I don't mean to pick at anyone's religious beliefs, but it seems to me, if you follow typical orthodox beliefs, indulging in eroticism, lust and sexual entertainment is a sin to begin with. Right? But anyway. Not sure I got anything constructive out of this one, but it did tickle my funny bone. I'm sorry to anyone who may have been offended by any of my books. I ask only that you keep in mind, its fiction.