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Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Naughty Excerpt

An Excerpt From: PRINCESS MINE

Copyright © Brindle Chase, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

(( warning. Contains explicit sexual situations ))

“Okay, you caught me. Took you long enough.” She wasn’t about to surrender her dignity to a werewolf. She was terrified, she was exhilarated. She’d wondered what might happen if he ever caught her. She had dreamt about it. She’d fantasized.

His hand rose, slowly but with a determination that brooked no argument, and grasped her jaw. He tilted her head back as he leaned close. His gaze traced her lips and his thumb smoothed boldly across her cheek. She couldn’t let show how the simple graze of his fingertips across her face fanned the flames burning at her core.

“This is a game for you? Elflings have died for less—trifling with a wolf.”

“You don’t scare me.”

“Do I not?” He stepped into her, pressing his nakedness against her. The thin silk encased in the intricate golden twists of braided cords that made her armor was not a sufficient barrier and she gasped. The heat against her belly wasn’t just his body.

Briar looked down, even as her mind told her not to. His long cock was thick and lay squeezed between them. It was so hot and she could feel it stiffening, a burning rod of velvet. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth and chewed on it—her stomach did several flip-flops and she banished the memories of her private fantasies from her mind.

“No. You can’t hurt me. You wouldn’t dare.”

“Because you are a princess?”

“Yes. My father—”

“Is not here to rescue you.”

She stared at him, his mouth lingering less than a finger span from hers. His dark eyes blazed across her mouth, caressing her face and seeped into her gaze. The excitement grew and she felt as if she had been engulfed in wicked fire. Like in her dreams.

“You can’t hurt me,” she repeated.

“Who said I wanted to hurt you?”

“Then let me go.”

“And if I refuse?”


“You’ll what?”


“You don’t want me to let you go.”

She gasped. He was guessing—bluffing. He wanted her to want him. And she did, but how dare he assume such things.

“But I will let you go,” he said with a grin. His hand caressed along her chin, down her neck and slid a warm fingertip into her cleavage, where her metallic brassiere left her exposed. She shivered at the sparks it shot through her. “If you just say the word. If not, then I will do as I fancy.”

Briar gasped again. His erection had grown so gigantic and burned against her belly. In her wildest erotic imagination, she’d never thought anything like this would happen. But a dark, hidden-away part of her had hoped.
His finger dipped deeper, rough calluses teased between her breasts, and then snagged the front of her armor. In a display of phenomenal strength, he pulled her up and off her toes, holding her aloft by the golden framework of her chest plate. His lips captured hers, kissing her hungrily.

Her breath froze in her chest and her heart sped up its pulsing rhythm. His lips were full and smooth, rugged, demanding. Hers slipped across his, parting, and his tongue exploited the invitation. She dug her fingers into the corded muscle of his forearms for support.

Oh how she had wanted this, yearned for it, all these years. Now trapped in his embrace, it was an intoxication she couldn’t think to dispel.

In near disbelief that she could be so bold, she wrapped her hand about his thick cock. It flexed with need in her grasp and she stroked it. He hissed deep into her mouth, and his rippling torso twitched.

Her pleasure mounted as his hands slid over the thin veil of silk stretched between the intricate framing of metal that made up her armor. The sweeping graze of his touch slid the wet, slippery material against her tightening nipple and it took considerable effort not to moan.

He smoothed it, tugged it and then suddenly growled. “How is this opened?”

Laughing, she released his throbbing erection and stepped back from him. He immediately rushed forward—a hungry glint in his steely eyes. She stopped him with a wet hand and shook her head.


He stared at her, his gaze tracing her hands as she moved them up and undid the elegant latches that kept her naked flesh from his greedy touch. With bestial want, he moved to her again and took the chest plate from her and tossed it aside. It landed with a clank as he pulled her tight against him and seized her mouth with a fiery kiss.

His hunger was startling, ravenous, and ignited a need deep inside her. The feel of his hard chest against her bare breasts was tantalizing. Her lips melted to his as his hands clasped her face tenderly. Their lips fused together as the fever spread through her and she shivered.

Breaking the kiss for a gasp of breath, she murmured a final protest, “I said patience.”

“And I said I will take what I want.” His moustache tickled her lips and he dipped his head. Greedily, he lifted her breast to his mouth and suckled on her aching nipple. Another sparkling shiver shot through her and she gasped in delight, arching to accommodate his desire.

He released her throbbing nipple and she lurched forward, desperate for the warmth of his mouth.

“Unless, you wish me to let you go.”

“No.” The protest fell from her lips before she could check it. She was lost in a blurry haze of need. The weakness she had for him was revealed by her urgent plea and she cursed under her breath.


Gazing into his dark stare, she nodded. “Don’t stop,” she whispered. A fiery rush of liquid surged through her limbs at the confession. Yielding herself to his want ignited a relief—a release—within her. Wanton dreams she hadn’t realized unleashed in her mind. She knew now that she’d wanted this from the day she’d first seen Daeven and now she writhed in his sensual grasp.

His harsh gaze softened, lips stretching into a grin, and he dipped his head down. Powerful arms pulled her up and his tongue flickered furiously against her peaking bud, teasing it, thrilling her, and she moaned.

His hands slid down her sides to her hips and found the chain clasps that held her loincloth in place. He tossed that aside as well. Hungrily his mouth licked, sucked and tortured her breast until she thought she couldn’t stand another minute. Her legs felt like clay and the need between them demanded more.

Briar mewed in response as his hands slipped around her and cupped her buttocks tight. He lifted her from the water, her legs spread wide of their own accord and wrapped about his waist. Her need was desperate, immediate.

“Three years and more you have teased me, Princess. I’ve yearned for this moment. It has haunted me.”

Three years plus seven moons to be exact, my sweet Daeven.

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