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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Sizzlers: The Goddess Next Door, part one

The Goddess Next Door, part one
Content Advisory: the below may contain graphic material of a sexual nature, adult situations, sexual reference, explicit sexual description, and depiction of alternative lifestyles.

The Goddess Next Door

By Brindle Chase

Gerald wiped the cool water from his body and waded to the pool’s edge. God, that felt good. The humidity was suffocating and the summer heat relentless. Another scorcher. The new in-ground pool was the best investment he’d ever made.

He ran his fingers through the dark wet tangles atop his head and stepped out of the water. Within seconds, the moist warm air had him sweating again. He poured a tall glass of lemonade and sucked down half. It hit the spot. He sat on the edge of the pool and let his feet dangle in its cooling waters. Much better, indeed.

“Howdy, neighbor.”

Annabelle’s crystalline voice floated down to his ears. Hearing it brought a smile to his face. He looked up and flashed a smile at her peeking over the fence they shared. Damn, she was gorgeous.

Her green eyes sparkled like emeralds in the brilliant sun, her smile wide, playful and bright. She had her long blonde hair rolled up in a bun and the perspiration dotted along her hairline only made her all the more sexy.

“Hey, Anna.”

“How’s the new pool?”

Gerald chuckled. She’d always been nice to him, but she was out of his league, and he knew it. He was positive she knew it too. Every conversation they’d had, he had initiated, and she had politely responded. This was a first. But then, he was the only one in the neighborhood with a pool, and last he checked, the thermometer said ninety-eight.

“It’s awesome.”

“I bet. It’s a scorcher today.”

She was artfully trying to obtain an invitation. If she only knew how badly he wanted to see her in a bathing suit, dripping wet. But she was too polite to invite herself.

Gerald took a deep breath and summoned all the courage he could muster. It was to use his pool, but asking her over seemed an impossible request. A chance of a lifetime. If nothing more than to see her half naked and feed his fantasies more, he swallowed and made his play.

“I’ve got lemonade too if you wanna come over and cool off.”

“Really?” Her eyes lit up and her intoxicating smile widened. Just the sight of it sent a surge of arousal through him.

“Sure. Come on over.”

“Thank you, Gerry. Be right there.”

He waited until her shadow through the wooden slats of the fence disappeared before he sprang up and checked his hair in the window’s reflection. He tousled it quickly, then ran into his house to fetch a second glass.

Returning to his backyard, he heard the slap of her flip-flops approaching, and he dashed to the gate and opened it. The door swung inward and the vision it brought staggered him.

Annabelle’s long hair was loose and floating down and her white bikini was tiny. It sculpted her slender curves in ways he’d imagined and jacked off envisioning all too often. The little swimsuit’s stark white was a beautiful contrast to her tan skin. She was so fricking hot. A goddess. She smiled up at him and he fought for breath.


“Sure, that’d be great.”

He stepped inward, allowing her to pass, and latched the gate behind them. Scrambling, he ran past her, and poured her a glass with shaking hands. He bit his lip, trying to regain his composure. Turning to her, her smile kicked the wind from his chest once more, and she took the glass and drank from it.

He watched as the world slowed. Her head tilted back, hand raised, and poured the contents into her supple, luscious mouth. His cock lurched in response and he fumbled with his own glass, turning from her in embarrassment. Thankful for the thickness of his long khaki shorts, he faked a cough, and turned back.

“Mmmmm. Just the thing. Thanks, Gerry.”

“You―you’re welcome.” He managed to sputter a reply and forced his gaze to remain on her and not drop to the teeny top barely containing her pert little swells. His nerves went haywire every time she was near.

She took another drink. Her small pink tongue flicked out and licked the sweat misted across her upper lip and he flinched. His cock swelled more and he quickly took a seat, allowing the billowed folds of his shorts to disguise his throbbing erection.

Annabelle flipped her head back over her shoulder and grinned. It was dazzling to behold and he could only grin right back.

“May I?”

She was asking to get in his pool, he realized as he stared at her, struggling with the urge to survey her rocking body. The last thing he wanted to do now was creep her out.

“Oh. Yeah, of course.”

She turned and he immediately stuffed his fist into my mouth and bit down on his knuckles. The bottom to her bikini was not quite a thong, but definitely not Granny approved. The white material bunched between her sculpted ass cheeks, and summoned the delusion it was his cock wedged there. He choked off a groan and watched in a trance as she dove in.

With Annabelle under water, he used the moment to shift his aching dick to the left and down the legs of his shorts. In a rush of cascading white water, she surfaced, flinging her long wet hair back. It was like a scene from a movie.

She wiped the long shimmering strands slick against her skull and flashed him a grin over her shoulder. The white of her swimsuit was wet and now semi-sheer. Her dark areolas demanded his attention. Unable to resist, he surrendered his gaze to drink in the heavenly vision.

“God. That feels so good.”

“Yeah…” But my cock’s going to explode any second now.

Annabelle gave him another bright smile and waded to the steps at the far end. Gerald had no more resistance. It was completely unfair. She was so fucking gorgeous and practically naked. How could he not stare?

She emerged from the pool, her golden skin glistening with rivulets of water, and walked slowly around the pool. Still staring like a damn fool, he fumbled with his glass, barely managing not to spill it, and took a long drink. The iced lemonade did nothing to quench the fires burning through him.

Her brilliant green gaze remained fixed on him, her pink full lips still grinning playfully. With a sensual grace, her long tanned legs brought her to him. Stopping right in front of him, she picked up her glass and took a slow drink.

Her wet suit hugged every nuance of her incredible body. Dark nipples, hard as rocks, poked out at him. A veiled thin thatch of brown hair aimed straight down the small vee of her bottoms to the crevice of delight between her legs. Swallowing hard, he tore his gaze from her body and managed a bashful smile.

“Thanks for letting me cool off in your pool,” she said, her soft voice turned husky and sensual. Was she teasing him? Could she tell he had a gigantic hard-on twitching between his legs for her? She set her glass down and then took his from his hand. Gerald stared at her and she set his aside.

Continued in part two on Sunday, 7/24/11... exclusively at Red Lipstick Journals. See you there!

©2011 Brindle Chase. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.


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