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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dark is the Night: excerpt

Here's sexy little teaser from Dark is the Night, still on sale for $.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


As if on queue in a dark midnight fantasy, I felt a draft from my bedroom window. I looked up and the six paned doors were wide open. The soft champagne linen drapes ruffled against the winter breeze as it poured into my room. I sat up, not feeling the cold air. No, I was burning up. Alexander was here.

I couldn’t see him but I could sense him. Inside me a fire stoked, erupting through my limbs, and then he was on me. Cradling my body to his from behind, he swept me up and kissed my neck. It was like wet flames licking at my skin, and I broke out in goose bumps and shivered.

There were a million things I want to say to him. To cuss him out. To kick his ass, but all these thoughts were rendered insignificant. Unworthy.

My satin camisole lifted, its smooth silky fabric caressed me and tantalized my pebbled skin as it brushed across me. Up and off it went, and then he tossed it aside. I found myself once more, naked in his arms and nothing had ever felt so right. In spite of myself, I mewed deeply, encouraging him. Everything about him was wrong. His nature was a betrayal of everything I was sworn to protect. And yet, I was a slave to his desires and I knew, by my connection to his soul, I was the same for him.

His fingers tickled, squeezed, and strummed my nipples until I thought they might burst as they stretched and stiffened in arousal. With supple, fiery kisses, he laid a path down my neck as I found his thighs around mine and I caressed them, wanting the denim in my way to be gone.

I twisted against his persistent teasing, his hands inflaming my body everywhere with his sensual touches. His lips seared my skin. He kissed and sucked at my neck, and then my earlobe. His masculine heat thrust into the small of my back where I could not reach it. I broke free finally, turned, and then collapsed back into his arms. Our lips met, blazing our mouths in erotic bliss and my hand finally found my prize.

His erection jutted outward, stretching his jeans, and I tore away the buttons keeping it from my hand. It felt as though his thick, hard cock lunged into my grasp as I sprung it free and I captured it tenderly, stroking its velvety length. I loved how it trembled in my fingers. My gaze drifted into his, his hands cupped my ass, and our inner connection took over. I could sense his desire. True, unyielding, and it matched my own.

I pushed him back, knowing he would never ask, but I needed to pleasure him in any way that he wished. I curled up to his thigh, propping up on an elbow as I guided his throbbing hard-on into my mouth. The moan that escaped his mouth was haunting, deep, and gravelly and echoed across the room. His hips bucked and I pushed forward, taking more of him in, and let my tongue flicker across him everywhere I could reach.

Normally I would be embarrassed by the noises giving head could make, but I didn’t care. Only his pleasure mattered. The slurping suction was followed by a wet popping sound as I withdrew, his cock pulsing in my hand, and I gazed up at him. Black eyes met mine, shimmering with desire, with satiation and need.

Encouraged by the ecstasy on his face, I stroked him a few times then took him back into my mouth. I could sense I was being too frail. He was immortal, powerful in ways humans could not imagine. I had no reason to hold back, so I unleashed with everything I had. Furiously I sucked his thickness in and out of my mouth, as fast and hard as I could.

His body shuddered, his hips bucked, and it was none too late. My jaw felt like it might fall off, but I accomplished my goal. I withdrew and pumped his cock with my hand, aiming it for my breasts. Desperately I wanted see him come. To know I had pleasured him like no other before me.

His whole body shook violently, nearly dislodging me from his thigh I was curled up against and I kept gliding my hand up and down his shaft. His eyes rolled back into his head and I looked down, waiting to see my payoff. But it didn’t come. Convulsion after convulsion ripped through him and I could feel the ejaculatory muscles in his scrotum tense and flex. But no cum.

He collapsed back and I was confused. Was he faking the orgasm? I was a little bit offended after all I had done for him, that he would try to fake one. But it didn’t make sense. As far as I knew, the muscles involved, weren’t ones guys had much control over. Right?

I let go and watched him and I hoped not too warily. His chest rose and fell, hard and sharply with deep inhales of breath. I could feel his leg tremble beneath me. Every reaction in his body said he had climaxed with severe intensity, but without any proof. I was mesmerized by his beauty as he lay their trying to recuperate, but a little irritation kept creeping back into my thoughts. Had he come? And before I could render a rational thought, my mouth slipped.

“Did you come?”

He gasped in another breath and nodded, his black eyes opened, and gleamed down at me. His hand tugged at my shoulder and then pulled me up to him.


“Shhhh,” he cut me off. “I came, like never before. Vampires. We. How should I say? We do not produce sperm.” He said between heavy breaths.

Instantly, I felt at ease, my concern melted away, and I snuggled up against him. Seeing him so thoroughly sated was a high I had never experienced before. Nothing was more beautiful to me, than his face etched with ecstasy. I could feel it through our bond.