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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Banned cover

My erotica short story, Sometimes You Just Want to F*CK, has a new cover. The original was banned by Facebook, and rejected by Smashwords. However, the original cover, with the totally spankable and apparently too hot of an ass, is still available on the Kindle and Nook versions. The Kobo, Deisel, Sony and iTunes version will have this new cover, which is still hot methinks!

oh yeah... cover design by me! =oP


  1. Just awesome! You are a naughty one...all right!

  2. I had to look up the original on Amazon!!! Frickin' HOT, I'll say! But the one above is sexy as hell....phew

  3. Love the title! I gotta go check out the banned cover right now.

  4. Hehehe... well, I figured for a super hot story, it needed a super hot cover. Hehehe =o) ... now, I just need to visit my own blog more often, so I'm not a month behind comments!! Hehehe... my bad!!