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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top Ten Best Seller

That One Night in Vegas soared straight to #10 on Amazon... WOW... but, its a free read, which explains its sudden popularity... and its #10 in erotica free reads, and its not my best work by any stretch... but still. Out of thousands of free reads, it zoomed into the top ten!!! *lol* Hey, ya gotta take your accolades whenever you can, right?

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  1. Awesome and the reason I am here(besides cyber stalking you again) ;} I was yessing reviews done by a friend of mine at Amazon and there were two of your books(she had reviewed)I read that splendid Bio(It's revised, right?) and was enamored all over again...chuckle. I started sharing Brindle Chase to my world once more. LOL