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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad muse! Bad, bad muse!!

My muse is wonderful most of the time. She whispers the basic plots of wonderfully romantic and erotic stories that I eventually craft into books. But she won't shut up... ever. She didn't come with an instruction manual either and no matter how thoroughly I search her, I can't find an off switch. No pause button, no return to voicemail option... nothing.

I'm currently in edits on one book, working on seven other projects as well, and have 30 other books in reserve, not counting all the ones I just had to forget... but she's been climbing all over my back with a new story and won't shut up. It's a great story... and I will write it, but I have too many others ahead of it... it'll be years!!

Anyone have any tips on how to subdue a hyperactive muse?


  1. Unfortunately, I find that a muse is like a panther. Beautiful but wild. She can be caged, but never quite controlled.

  2. *lol* Well said Portia!!! And very true. My muse is very wild!