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Monday, September 27, 2010

Gothic City Lights gets an A

Gothic City Lights got a great review over at ... check it out!

Lilith is half succubus demon and her need for sex is legendary. Without indulging, she becomes dangerous and has a tendency to kill whoever she finally seduces. She loves having sex, but the continuous necessity is wearing thin, leaving her feeling like a slut.

One evening, the head angel, Mother Superior, requests her presence. Interested, yet scared, Lilith visits the immortal woman. Having unknowingly slighting Mother Superior with one of her conquests, Lilith must repay the Mother Superior by infiltrating a group of demons. And, Gabriel, a chastity angel, will help.

Lilith is attracted to Gabriel, but controls her urges since she doesn’t want to ruin him. But, her control is fading, especially since she hasn’t scratched the itch since Gabriel joined her. Can she find the demons and resist the sexy Gabriel at the same time?

Fair warning: grab the fans now because the sexual tension between Lilith and Gabriel is intense! Although Lilith is a demon, she has a conscious and actually a decent being. Gabriel is simply a nice guy who happens to be a virgin and must remain so to gain ascension into Heaven. Lilith wants Gabriel, but can’t have him. That doesn’t mean she can’t play with him a bit. Finally, the tension grows to such levels that during the worst time possible, the two of them explode.

Gothic City Lights is definitely an erotic romance where the plot to infiltrate the demon lair is useful in staging Lilith and Gabriel’s relationship. Does the book need this extra plot point? Not necessarily, but the story is much better because of it.

With fantastic sexual tension and great characters, Gothic City Lights is delightfully sinful! Definitely pick up this book.

BookingIt Grade: A

Publisher: Loose-Id
Length: Novel
Release Date: September 28, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60737-803-7

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