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Friday, September 17, 2010

Excerpt: Diva-Licious (rated NC17 posting)

Here's a super spicy excerpt from my latest short story, Diva-Licious, a contemporary erotic romance, available now at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon and Allromanceebooks

With considerable effort, she fought off the need to snarl. Instead, she’d slice away at his undeserved sense of superior intellect. She was a lot smarter than people gave her credit for. The perfect witty retort came to mind and she couldn’t resist a smug grin as she unleashed it.

“You should—”

“Oh for the love of God...Shut up.” He grabbed her hand. Before she knew what was happening, he dragged her down the hallway, through her open door, and kicked it shut behind them.

“What the hell do you think—”

His mouth captured hers. His kiss was fiery, hungered, and brutal. He just took her, possessively searing his lips to hers. She thought hers might bruise, even bleed from the roughness. It was sheer bliss. His mouth was wet and warm, his tongue wild in its exploring flicker. Her body was on fire. Shivers of erotic need surged down her spine and her skin pebbled with excitement.

“Shut up,” he repeated in a raspy whisper. His hand slid around her neck and gripped her nape tight and hard, while the other traced a finger along her jaw. A trail of fire followed his touch, adding fuel to the fires bursting all through her body. Her head felt dizzy. With rage and with want.

“Don’t tell me to—”

He yanked her wrist hard, forcing her to follow him into the living room. A twist of his hand forced her face down across his lap. One of his hands had both her wrists pinned behind her and held at her hip to give him complete access to her ass. Her legs were pinned in the curl of his knee. He was so strong, and she couldn’t get loose.

What the hell?

He shoved her thick robe up, exposing her ass. His hand swatted an explosion of stings across her backside. Hard, but not viciously. It stung, and the pain reverberated throughout her pelvis and pooled liquid heat in her pussy. The fury flooded her lust-fueled body. He was actually spanking her. Spanking her! Taryn Blaze!

“You son-of-a-bitch—”

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