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Monday, August 9, 2010

GCL reviewed. 4.5 stars

Title: Gothic City Lights
Author: Brindle Chase
Publisher: Loose-Id
Reviewer: Lauria Chandonnay
Rating: 4.5 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Heat: O (for off the charts!)

Lilith is a half human/half demon succubus ruled by her lusty impulses. She prowls a club called “Gothic City Lights”, but even the secret backroom, with all of its tempting delights, isn’t thrilling her. She’s had all the pretty ones at least twice, so really what’s the point? For the first time, she’s longing for something more out of life than screwing herself silly, and it’s utterly depressing! As she’s despairing over this sad state of affairs, she spots someone new in the club. When she gets a look at his beautiful very masculine face, she’s instantly on fire, but he’s immune to her overabundant charms. What’s up with that?

Turns out he is an angel of chastity named Gabriel, sent to her on a mission from Mother Superior herself to track down some nefarious demons. He must remain chaste in order to ascend to Heaven and wants nothing to do with Lilith and her demonic wiles. Lilith is an unapologetic slut, and though she tries to be good it’s just not her nature and you’ve really got to love her for it. Being succubus, she can’t help being sexy, and she isn’t afraid to use her magic to get a little action several times a day. If she doesn’t feed her libido, she loses complete control and has accidentally harmed people in the past. Being around the saintly and virginal Gabriel makes her feel guilty about her baser needs, but he’s so hot and so forbidden to her that she’s finding it hard to stay in control. The sexual tension in this book is intense and heats up the pages as they’re temporarily forced to live and work together. Lilith must come up with some imaginative ways to sate her lust without using others or deflowering the gorgeous Gabriel. Gabriel is the first man to actually talk to Lilith and know her as a person, and they begin to fall for each other, much to their dismay. This book features a gritty backdrop and a well developed main character but always manages to be fun and super sexy and a lovely love story. I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next.

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