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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Diva-licious scores!

A great review from Sizzling Hot Books for Diva-licious . Check it out ...

Diva-Licious is a fast past novella, that will have you stuck in your seat until the very end.

Taryn Blaze is the reigning queen of rock-n-roll. An ultimate diva who's never been refused anything or anyone--until the hunky security guard doesn't show at the prescribed time, dressed in the white silk boxers her assistant had delivered to him. Outraged, Taryn does what she always does when she doesn't get her way--she throws a tantrum.

Derek Abrahms, a locally hired security guard, is thrilled when Taryn notices him, but instead of recognizing him from her past, she orders him to her hotel room for a night of lusty passion. Determined to teach the diva a lesson, he does what no man has ever done before--he denies the goddess.

When Taryn unleashes her prima dona temper, can Derek remind her of the sweet girl she once was? Or is his Diva-Licious just too wild to tame?

Orginially Taryn rubbed me the wrong way. I thought she was stuck up, and wanted everything her way. I don't believe you should treat people like that so it got on my nerves a little. However by the end of Diva-Licious I loved her. I loved the major change in Taryn after she met Derek. Finding Derek is just what Taryn needed, and made her a stronger character.

Speaking of Derek, he was one sexy hunk of man. I loved how he wouldn't allow Taryn to walk all over him. He was a strong man, and went after what he wanted. I loved the story line, about them going to high school together and then finding each other seven years later. It was romantic.

My favorite part of Diva-Licious was the spanking that Derek gave Taryn for acting like a spoiled Diva. It was a hot scene. Overall I enjoyed Diva-Licious, and loved the chemistry between Derek and Taryn, but I wished it was a little longer.

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