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Monday, April 26, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Tagged

I got this from the beautiful and amazing J.A. Saare


So how it works, is you answer the 5 questions, each with 5 answers and then tag five blogs at the end, for people to read up on next!

here I go...

1. Where were you 5 years ago?

  • 1. Where I am now.

  • 2. Dead end job, going nowhere.

  • 3. I hadn't begun to start writing.

  • 4. I was contemplating getting a laptop to start writing.

  • 5. Preparing to take my oldest daughter to Disneyland for her 6th birthday.

2. What was (is) on your to do list?

  • 1. Finish novel to submit to agents.

  • 2. Revise short story for ePub.

  • 3. Finish a joint effort short story.

  • 4. Finsh yet another short story I have in progress

  • 5. Finish sequel to Gothic City Lights (not really a sequel, but another story in the same world, setting, characters)

3. What five snacks do you enjoy?

  • 1. Mrs. Fields Peanut Butter Cookies

  • 2. Fritos

  • 3. Starbucks Black Cherry Mocha

  • 4. Popcorn, with lotsa butter!

  • 5. Twizzler Pull and Peel sticks.

4. What five places have you lived?

I've lived in Washington state my whole life, so...

  • 1. Believe it or not, spent some time under a bridge in my teens.

  • 2. Various cities and small towns in WA state.

  • 3. A variety of apartments, houses and townhouses rented with friends.

  • 4. I'm currently in Vancouver, WA

  • 5. once lived on someone's back porch when I was young, stupid and broke.

5. What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

  • 1. Pay off all debt.

  • 2. Pay off all my close friends and family's debt.

  • 3. Buy a wind and solar power company and put it right in Wyoming, where they cling to dirty polluting 18th century coal power, without a care for the damage they do to the world. But I digress...

  • 4. Set aside trust funds for my daughters to assure no matter what, they would have college funds and a nest egg for their own retirements, in case I blew all my money.

  • 5. Write full time.

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  1. LOVED your answers!! What a fun exercise. Thanks so much for tagging me -- I'll have a blast with this one!

    Have a fab day :))

  2. Love your answers. ;) Sorry I'm so slow in getting here. It's been a crummy week (already!)