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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Naughty Excerpt

Here's a naughty little teaser from my latest paranormal erotic romance, Princess Mine....

Daeven slid in behind her, enveloping her into the cradle between his thick, muscular thighs. His arms swept about her and his heat radiated against her skin.

“My love, we should move on,” she said, wishing it were not true. Until they were safely on a ship heading across the seas to the Seven Kingdoms of Man, they were in real danger.

“I think not.”


His hand grabbed around her, grasped her shoulder and spun her into him. “Three nights I have sacrificed and did not lie with you. But I will not endure another without your touch. Without your taste on my lips.”

“Daeven, we—”

“Shush, Briar.” His lips closed over hers before she could offer additional protest.

They had not a moment to spare and yet her body succumbed to the passion of his kiss without even the slightest resistance. The craving she’d denied since her return to Ithlamir flood through her with liquid heat. Desire became desperate need and she pressed herself into him.

His strong hands cupped her face, keeping hers tight to his as their lips melded, tongues entwined and her eyes fluttered shut. Giving herself over to his want, she relaxed in his embrace, grafting her slender frame to his bulk of muscle.

The woven louvren twists that held her cloak fastened about her shoulders yielded to his tugs and fell to the forest floor behind her. His hands returned, and this time with no trouble, unclasped the golden latches that secured the inlaid metal weaves of her armor. It dropped with a clank at her feet and his hands scooped up her breasts, engulfing them with his lust.

She mewed into his mouth, arching her back, crushing them against his caressing grasp. Fire burst throughout her chest and trickled down her torso to settle between her legs.

Daeven captured her mouth, her essence, all she was and kissed her possessively. Her heart beat wildly beneath her breast and she melted to him. Too long had it been since she’d felt his loving touch and her longing revealed itself in a deep purring.

Fingers tugged at her nipples and she moaned her delight, the fire raging between her legs grew unchecked. She couldn’t deny him if she tried. His kisses seared a path down her throat to her aching peaks and seized one between his teeth.

Warm, moist pleasure flooded over her stiffened point as his tongue flickered across it. She combed her fingers into his hair, grasping tight and crushing her breast into his eager mouth, quenching her desires and his hunger at once.

Daeven walked into her, moving her back until she felt the cool bark of a looming maple at her back. Sinking to his knees, he guided her leg to dangle over his shoulder. His kisses smoldered a path down to her navel. His tongue darted out and swept through the indentation, tickling her with sensual sparks.

He lifted her other leg and slid it over his other shoulder, accepting her slight weight with ease. His mouth closed over her wet and needy pussy, tasting her desire. A pulsating wave of erotic pleasure burst out from her core, and trembled up her body and she shivered.

Her hips took charge and drove her slickness against his probing tongue, grinding up and down against his kisses and licks. Bracing one hand against the tree she lay pinned against, and the other gripping a fistful of his hair, she gave herself to his hunger.

The night wind swept through the trees with a faint whistle, and all but drowned out the slurping ministrations of his ravenous appetite. Her ragged gasps for breath came with increasing intensity and frequency as the heat built to a fever pitch. Fiery pleasure threatened to explode throughout her entire being as he fucked her with his mouth.

Every sweep of his soft, wet tongue, the determined suction of his lips and the firm grazing of his teeth shoved her with sensuous violence headlong into an explosive orgasm.

Grabbing his hair tightly in her fists, she clung to him as her body shuddered with turbulent spasms and tiny implosions ripped outward from her core to her limbs as she came.

“Sorry to interrupt, Princess,” came a familiar voice, laced with venomous sarcasm...

©2011 Brindle Chase. Cover by Valerie Tibbs

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