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Monday, November 15, 2010

Flirtatious Friday (on Tuesday) w/ Sayde Grace

Once again, my apologies for the late posting. My email is acting up again, as things keep disappearing outbound. Anyway, Sayde and I reconnected and here is my interview. Sayde Grace brings a new perspective to westerns that might have Zane Grey rolling in his grave, but I think the rest of us approve! Talk about some hot cowboys!

So saddle up!

1.) Thank you for visiting today and answering a few questions. I'm going to step into uncharted territory with a few of my questions, but let's start with the staple... Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Okay let’s see, I’m from the deep south. I usually say y’all in every other sentence and Jeff Foxworthy happens to use a lot of my every day dialect in his comedy skits J I’m pushing my thirtieth birthday and don’t know whether to have more than one or just accept that I’m getting old. I love watching television shows like Swamp People, Dirty Jobs, Swamp Loggers, and Black Gold. I rodeoed for most of my life, up until I had my two children. I’m married and I’ve watched enough Scooby Doo and ICarly until I dream of Spencer’s sculptures and giving Freddy a few new uses for his ropes. Ok, let’s move on. I’m sure that was TMI for most of you J

2.) Tell us about your latest book.

My latest book is the second in my Cowgirl Tough Series. This book is all about realizing no matter who raised you or how they did you can always open yourself to love. And there’s a lot of hot steamy sex involved in my characters finding love.

The Harder They Buck takes an injured cowboy whose mom had left him as just a child, leaving him to doubt every woman’s love and introducing him to the one woman who he has no doubts about. Lance Wright knows from the moment he lays eyes on Melanie Brantley that she’s the one and will never leave him. He just has to convince her she doesn’t hate him or want to rip his who-ha off and feed it to her dog.

Melanie doesn’t believe in love. She’s never been the recipient of love (or so she thinks). But she can’t deny having feelings for Lance. Those feelings drive her to a club called Minx which caters to it’s patron’s sexual desires. Her desires center around Lance who happens to own the club. Both show up at Minx looking to forget the other and hidden under masks and no talking they have a night full of passion, neither knowing that the object of their passion is the one person they desire and love. Well, let’s just say when that little secret comes out it takes them both by surprise.

3.) Romance heroes come in many flavors, but most are some epitome of a woman's fantasy, rather than a truthful everyday guy. However, because they represent what many women need/want or wish for in a partner, what could men learn from your heroes?

Wow, that’s a loaded question if I’ve ever read one! Geez, let’s see. You know I have to admit that my heroes are not really the men I fantasize about (I’m married I don’t fantasize!). I know that’s horrible right. But usually when I decide on a hero and his attributes I’ve decided on him because of my heroine or the plot. For example right now a story is playing in my head that I’m thinking of writing. The story ping-ponging in my brain is about a girl who gets arrested when she’s just turned 18. She’s pulled over for speeding but she and the officer get into it and he arrests her. Six years later she’s back in town and guess what? She gets pulled over by the same cop. So here I have to decide what’s up between her and my cop. What pisses her off so bad about him that she smarts off and gets arrested? And what is going to turn her on so hot that she gets over him arresting her TWICE? This is where I build my hero. So from here if you are that man I’d suggest you run for cover.

But seriously I’d tell the men reading this not to worry so much about the heroes in the stories. Those guys are fantasy. The heroines in the stories are more important. Watch their reactions and needs, those are the key because in my case I know that before I write something I ask myself how I’d react to the scene or emotions.

4.) The heroine is the backbone of every romance and represents for the reader, a little part of themselves. I daresay, even for the male readers. What aspects of yourself, might we see a hint of in your heroines?

Usually my heroines have a smart mouth, feisty and know what they want. Sometimes they don’t go about getting what they want the right way but that’s what make them so fun. I’m very sarcastic and have a temper, you see those traits in my characters a lot.

5.) A followup question, if I may. What aspects common to your heroines, would you like to see in yourself that isn't readily seen by others in real life?

Emotions. My characters show a great deal of emotion. I’m not that way. I pretty much keep my emotions to myself and don’t like letting others know how I feel. Maybe that’s something my characters will help me with.

6.) The term "Alpha Male" means two different things to men and women, in a very general and broad sense. What characteristics do you like to include in your heroes, that might qualify them as an Alpha Male?

My heroes are tough. They ride bulls or broncs for a living. They also know what they want and won’t stop until they get it. They have a sense of loyalty and honor to them even if they don’t always show it. I try really hard to make the characters likable not only on a physical level but emotionally yet still be tough.

7.) What's your favorite non-romance book?

Hmm, well I don’t really read non-romance but I have to say that Gilbert Morris has a Christian series set in Texas in the mid 1800’s that I love. I don’t normally read in that genre but I love a good western and bthis series just captivated me.

8.) If you could be any fictional heroine/hero, who would it be and why?

You know there are so many great characters out there until I can’t decide! Nancy Gideon has a great character named CeeCee and I’d love to be her just for a little while!!

9.) Hair chest or smooth?

Smooth. Sorry but I like that smooth glistening look.

10.) Romance is made up of many facets, each reflecting an emotion and I believe, corresponds to a physical reaction. What three emotions are most important in your vision of romance?

This is a big one for me because most of the time when I say I write erotic romance people go “Oh porn?”. There is a lot of sex in my stories but I use emotion to drive those scenes so it’s a little different than just plain porn.

I love writing and I write what I read. I don’t just write steamy sex scenes with guys who make porn stars blush. I read a little of everything. My favorite author builds up fantastic sexual tension but then gives us closed door sex scenes. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones where you’re holding your breath thinking any minute now the characters are going to have this earth moving love scene only to have the bedroom door slammed in your face. But that’s ok because the emotion was there.

For every touch, caress, or scorching gaze there has to be emotion behind it. Without emotion we don’t know why the characters are doing what they’re doing. What are their real motives besides just wanting to be touched? Most of my characters go through, heartache, anger and finally happiness. To me those three emotions build characters and can bring reality into your scenes.

In my next Cowgirl Tough book my heroine’s fiancĂ©, the love of her life, died. Now she’s just watching life pass her by and not wanting to ever replace her love for him. But she finds out that her plans are unrealistic, especially when a cowboy she’s been avoiding shows up and makes her face the facts, she didn’t die with her fiancĂ©. She begins to heal her broken heart but during the process makes a lot of mistakes, including comparing the man who loves her now to the man who died. There’s the anger, the cowboy can’t seem to make her see that he can’t promise not to die but can promise he’ll love her no matter whether he’s on earth or in heaven. It’s a huge struggle between the two and finally when the heartache fades, the anger recedes, they find happiness with each other.

You can find out more information about Sayde at the following and to read about her novellas please visit her website or The Wild Rose Press Scarlet Rose line.

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  1. Love the peek into your life! Kids keep us into things we never would have dreamed, huh? Wonderful insights into your characters as well, Sayde!

    Thoroughly enjoyed this!