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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Much ado about writing

So, what does an author do while he or she waits for revisions from their editor on their book?

Write, of course! That's where I'm at right now. I have two works in progress at the moment. The first, Dark is the Night, I have finally finished the last revisions and am preparing my queries. The second, is a spinoff title for my first book, Gothic City Lights, creatively titled, Gothic City Lights: Helena. *lol* Its currently in rough draft and 75% complete. Once you've read Lilith's story in Gothic City Lights, you may recognize Helena, who makes an appearance in that book. but alas, it doesnt release for sometime.

What's my point? None really, except to say that a writer never stops writing. Even while we are waiting for whatever it is we must wait for, we write. And we read. Anyone aspiring to become a writer needs to constantly and consistently do these two things. Read and Write. So there's my tip for the day.

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